Westchester Little League in Los Angeles California District 37

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Double A Division (7-9 Yr Olds)

First timers in the Double A Division can experience real baseball with outs, runs, umpires, standings, double elimination play-offs and even all-stars.  The fans can get really lively as they root for their favorite team.  The level of play can sometime be shocking as the kids sometimes resemble little major leaguers.  

The Double A Division is a unique division at WLL.  It was created as a way to advance kids to a higher level to get them ready for minors.  Kids start pitching using a little league hard ball.  Coach-pitching is only used after a ball 4 count (no walks).  Stolen bases were introduced in 2011 and were a big hit, however we lock third base to encourage catchers to attempt to throw out the runners.  The Double A Division is the time that the kids really develop and learn the game.  We have a few preseason games to get the kids used to the advanced rules, and to give them many opportunities to play several new positions.  Then they experience a regular season to decide play-off seedings.  We then have a double elimination tournament so each team is guaranteed at least an amazing amount of games for the season.